Our Production Process

What sets AVALUX Studios apart from the competition? Everything. When it comes to how we handle projects, our experience has allowed us to assemble a precise yet agile and flexible Production Process that conforms to any client and any project.

Discover Step 1

Step 1: Discovery

Discovery is a transformational process which exposes hard truths and gives light to great ideas.

Spearheading our process is the Discovery step, which starts from the very first moment we speak. This step helps to review past efforts, identify key points of interest, define goals, analyze competitors, and plan the path forward. Our honed-in Discovery step is one of our key competitive edges, as we believe that this step is where high-converting websites are conceived.

Information Collection

The primary goal of Discovery is to collect information. This may take the form of questionnaires, discussions, interviews, data analysis, or research.

Trust Building

Proper, productive discussions are key during Discovery. They provide a deeper dive into your business and allow for us to demonstrate that our listening ears work.

Risk Mitigation

Identifying and reducing the chances of risk are paramount to a proper plan. Through a vigorous Discovery process and proper research, risk mitigation is achieved.

Plan Development

With sufficient information collected, a full proposal and a dedicated plan for lasting success is developed using our five-pillar approach system.

Step 2: Design

Great design is the harmony between your business goals and your customer’s desires.

With knowledge gleaned from Discovery and a solid plan ready to go, we begin to dive into Design. At AVALUX Studios, we’re known for beautifully effective and brand-loyal design. Our work is modern and avant garde yet toned and logical. Above all else, we design for effective conversions and increased awareness. From print and promotional to digital and web, design is your organization’s facade.

Planning the Structure

Before visual beauty can be factored in, the proper placement of content is necessary in order to create a world-class user experience across all devices.

Creating the Style

Following our core design principles, and factoring in your brand identity, a visual design loyal to your organization will be hand crafted.

Calls to Action

A good design looks nice, but a great design leads visitors along a path that involves their interaction with your goals, such as making a purchase.


Great design is born of simplicity and clarity. When a design is created with purpose in mind, conversions increase and user satisfaction is achieved.

Step 3: Development

Development is the act of taking the idealized and turning it into reality, one line of code at a time.

The bedrock of any digital product is the code that powers it all. While not visible like design, code is where success can be given life or doom can set in. From browser-level markup to server-side programming, we diligently write standards-confirming code which is future proof against industry changes.


All code is hand-written and conforms to industry protocols and standards, allowing for progressive enhancement without the need to rewriting code.

Mobile-First and Responsive

In a world dominated by mobile visitors, we produce smart code that understands a user’s device and modifies the presentation of content accordingly.

Optimized for SEO

Search engine optimization requires more than good content; it starts at the ground level with lean and optimized code, fast loading times, and validated code.


From the use of proven technologies to adhering to proper programming paradigms, our work survives the test of time and dramatically reduces future costs.

Step 4: User Testing

If you don’t talk to your customers, how will you know how to talk to your customers? This is user testing in a nutshell.

All the planning in the world will never beat a plan examined. User testing is a fundamental step which provides the opportunity to observe, understand, sympathize, empathize, and then synthesize insights from likely real-world users. Information collected is then used to introduce improvements and tweak existing functionality.


We work to identify the proper testing scenarios for your unique project, from focus groups to beta testing, surveys, and beyond.

Beta Testing

A select group of existing users may be given early access to a new site in order to observe and collect experience feedback and implement improvements.

A/B Testing

For critical pages with high conversion goals, testing multiple versions of design and content yields results which assist in selecting a path forward.


Gathering information in the form of surveys is an ongoing technique which can alert to changing target market behavior and allow for rapid issue resolution.

Step 5: Launch

Launch is not the end, but rather the beginning of something great.

Launching a project correctly involves more than flipping on the light. A proper launch is accompanied by a launch plan which covers before, during, and after the launch. Launch should not be seen as the end of the project, but rather as a transition into the next stage of our relationship.

Launch Plan

An initial Launch Plan is devised in Discovery and updated as necessary. Prior to launch, the plan will be examined and final times will be set.

Zero Downtime

A successful launch involves little to no downtime and occurs beyond peak usage for existing sites.


Site monitoring during and after a launch is employed to watch for and squash any nasty surprises while monitoring user behavior on the newly launched site.

Ongoing Maintenance

Known for standing by our work, we transition into an ongoing monitoring and maintenance mode, ready to respond to issues and assist your business.

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