Design & Branding

We build much more than websites; we build web presences that return on your investment. Every design decision we make has a reasoning behind it — a positive user experience wrapped together in a beautiful design is the overarching goal.

Web Design

AVALUX Studios handcrafts all digital designs. We do not offer or use templates, with the exception of pre-existing websites. We harbor an intense dedication to pure, elegant web design and never do anything design-wise without justification. Focusing on purpose-driven design allows for a truly fantastic user experience.

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Brand Presence Design

Just starting your business? Haven’t updated your brand image in over a decade? Perhaps your brand is having an identity crisis? If any of these situations fit, then we offer soup-to-nuts brand design for small and midsize businesses. Includes logo, web, social, and print design as well as consultation on effective marketing strategies.

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Business Cards / Brochures

Designing for print requires an acute knowledge of the materials which designs will be printed on. We help you select the material and the material's unique options and properties in order to produce as high quality print materials possible. We work with a small set of unique, independent, and capable American printers.

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Vector-Based Artwork

Vector-Based source files are utilized to provide infinitely scalable artwork which prevents blurry results. These vector files always result in a crisp and beautifully printed product, whether it be business cards, writing instruments, signage, or other items. As an added bonus, they are easy to alter in the future.

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High Volume Production

Needing thousands, or tens of thousands, of printed products? Not a problem. We have the capability and our industry partners produce exactly what you need on an efficient time schedule. We’re experienced in planning and directing the production of products on a wide range of physical mediums.

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Unique Materials

From bamboo to leather, from metals to handmade items, your unique physical marketing needs can be met. Whether it be a single item, such as an award of plaque, or thousands of items, we have the capability, experience, and industry partners to produce exactly what you're looking for.

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Technological Capabilities

From server-side technologies such as Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, UNIX, and JSON to client-side technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, we offer a robust technological offering.


AVALUX Studios is best known for rock-solid, custom server-side programing. We are experienced in designing and developing custom Content Management Systems, Client Relationship Management tools, customer portals, eCommerce and online stores, web and mobile app development, and much more.

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Capitalizing on recent innovations in browser technologies, AVALUX Studios is an expert at HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS, SVG animations, Bootstrap responsiveness, data validation, and various other front-end capabilities which provide robust visitor interaction and a modern, useful experience.

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AVALUX Studios stringently follows the compatibility and accessibility standards set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium, a governing body overseeing the adaptation and facilitation of of standards-based web development. Adherence to these guidelines results in websites which are exceptionally user friendly.

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Object-Oriented Programming, often referred to as OOP, is a popular programming paradigm which allows for robust programming tasks. Among many benefits, OOP allows for code reuse within a project, as well as encapsulation. Both result in more secure and easier to maintain code.

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Model-View-Controller (MVC) is a software architectural pattern which allows for a highly organized "separation of concerns" style of development. This results in code which is much easier to read, modify, and expand upon. In the long run, both OOP and MVC result in less costly future programming.

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Application Interfaces

APIs are crucial aspects of the connected web. These interfaces allow a website to connect to third-party tools and services, such as a CRM application or a payment processing service. AVALUX Studios is well experienced with integrating third-party APIs and services into web-based projects and applications.

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Consultation and
Digital Transformation

Our expert knowledge runs the gamut from web design and development to records digitization, Enterprise Resource Planning, and technological adoption consultation.

Data & Analytics

In order to make better business decisions, we challenge the status quo. Our insights turn information into assets with our cloud, big data, and predictive analytics solutions. When it comes to knowing your customer, there’s no better pairing than data and analytics, especially when they are integrated with CRM and ERP systems.

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Automate and streamline how you run your business with the help of AVALUX. We improve performance, enhance productivity and drive growth initiatives with a mix of technology, procedures, and proactive insights. Usage of advanced technologies can turn the analog into the digital, opening up new opportunities for growth and efficiency.

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Building a strong relationship with your customers is crucial, but an out of the box CRM system is a nightmare to handle. AVALUX provides the insights, technological know-how, and procedural solutions which allow our clients the opportunity to tap into a previously obscured and neglected return on investment.

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Full-Spectrum IT Strategies

Standardizing digital solutions for seemingly unconnected aspects of business is something we excel at. From monitoring janitorial or maintenance duties to establishing a company intranet, our full-spectrum IT strategies provide timely and beneficial insight into daily business activities.

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IT & Web Strategy Review

Reports may be known as boring, but AVALUX reports are far from bland. Our IT & Web Strategy Review provides valuable insight into the inner workings of an often mysterious aspect of business; providing solid feedback on the quality, security, and effectiveness of existing strategies.

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Implementing software solutions enables organizations to create engaging and consistent digital experiences across every touchpoint, both internal and external.

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