We are a close-knit team of creative professionals based in Orlando, Florida.

We set ourselves apart by fostering a deep, trusting relationship with our clients by empathetically listening, mutually brainstorming, and offering nothing but our very best effort. We bring divergent thinking to a world of convergent thinkers, spurring innovation through a mutual Discovery process.

We investigate and research while coming back to the table with thought provoking questions and ideas, Challenge the norm and mutually discuss a planned, targeted approach.


Avalux Studios is lead by two Managing Partners in front of a
talented, dedicated, and ambitious team.

Derrick Reeder

Managing Partner & Developer

As part of AVALUX leadership, Derrick works closely with clients to make unique recommendations and suggestions to help ensure award winning projects. With his extensive experience in web development and network security best practices, Derrick often works on innovative new concepts and technologies that bring a unique and lasting perspective to projects. Highly focused on the technological capabilities of AVALUX, Derrick directs programming activities company-wide.

Jeremy Buff

Managing Partner & Developer

Jeremy has spent the last 11 years meticulously crafting brands, websites, and software systems from the ground up. No detail is ever spared the climax of his creativity. At AVALUX, Jeremy works to ensure that a conscious decision surrounding every detail, no matter how small, is attended to. The way he sees it, if the small details didn't matter, they wouldn't be part of the project. Jeremy focuses on client outreach and communication, project management, user experience design, and team cohesiveness.